Cataloguing your collection, made easy.

Cataloguing your collection, made easy.

The best Magic players are organised - and CardCastle is the best place to organise your collection!

Keep track of the cards you own and how much they're worth, build and analyse decks, and share your collection with your friends.

Join the CardCastle community today - it's free to sign up!


Scan cards with your smartphone

The fastest way to digitize your collection - scanning your cards is quick, fun and easy!

  • Scan your cards to add them to your collection

  • Recognise multiple cards in a single scan

  • Instantly price check cards

  • Edit a card’s condition, printing and #tags

  • Search your collection with a scan


All app and website videos are unedited - the footage is not sped up and was filmed on an iOS device or PC laptop.


Manage your collection on the web

The web platform features powerful management tools, including:

  • extensive search, filtering and sorting options

  • a variety of import and export formats

  • our unique card #tagging feature



Build decks

Build, analyse and share your decks.

The Deckbuilder gives you statistics and allows full playtesting to ensure your deck is the best it can be.



Check card prices

Scan a card with the CardCastle app to instantly price check it!

Know how much your cards are worth and track the value of your collection over time to make better buying, selling and trading decisions.



Incredible support

The entire CardCastle team is always ready to help! Live Chat on the web and in the apps, and detailed guides in our Help Centre mean you’re always supported.

The platform is always improving too - we love to hear feedback and regularly implement feature requests from our users.


Check out what some of our users have to say about us:


Sign up and app installation are completely free so you can test the platform!


Squires have free access to the main features of the platform, with some limitations.

  • Add up to 1,000 cards

  • Create 3 decks

  • Use #tagging to manage your collection

  • Add up to 10 tags

  • Real-time card prices - updated daily


Knights have complete access to everything the CardCastle platform has to offer.

  • Add unlimited cards

  • Create unlimited decks

  • Use #tagging to manage your collection

  • Add unlimited tags

  • Real-time card prices - updated daily

  • Track the value of your entire collection

  • Automatic entry into all giveaways and competitions

  • Access to new features as they are released



CardCastle has developed the world’s first fully automated card scanning and sorting machine!


About Us

We’re a team of Magic players and Software Engineers bringing you CardCastle from our home in Canberra, Australia. We’re passionate about providing MTG players around the world with the tools they need to stay organised and play better.


Seb -


Seb is one of the Co-Founders and our Chief Executive Officer. He’s a Magic fanatic and created the CardCastle platform as a way to give back to the incredible Magic community.


Nick -


Nick is one of the Co-Founders and our Chief Technical Officer. His mythic rare software development skills are what keeps the platform looking great and running smoothly.


Frank -


Frank is the Marketing Executive at CardCastle and our resident Memeologist. He’s a fierce competitor in the Magic tournament scene - say hello if you spot him at a GP!


Patrick -


Patrick is our Lead Software Developer and created the image recognition software that powers our scanning app. He’s a software wizard and is always developing new magic for the platform.


We use the following services to ensure the CardCastle platform runs smoothly and our database is complete:


MTGStocks provide up to date card prices, aggregated from multiple sources. Learn more about how they determine prices on their website.



MTGJSON provide comprehensive card data for the CardCastle database. Their amazing work powers lots of MTG software products.



Scryfall provides us with the high quality card images that help make our platform beautiful. They are the best place to look for every piece of information related to any Magic card.



Keyrune provides high quality set symbol images for our platform. They have a comprehensive list of all set symbols for use in software projects and more.